Fitbit trainer week 7 & crochet daisies.


Arghhhh, I feel like I was so close to meeting the target this week.  If only I hadn’t had such a lazy day on Monday!  Once you get a blue bar day, its tough to come back from that! If I hadn’t been so full of myself back in week 2 and just left the target at its original setting instead of manually adjusting it to a higher level these charts would look so much better. lol.

Anyway, scales were friendly today so I am not too bummed about my week 7 to be honest.
Weight today was 106.6kg So down a little bit from last week. :)

Other events
My Gramsie, the one that I am making a blanket for because its her birthday in a couple weeks, well she isn’t doing great.  I just found out that she has had a heart attack and been taken back to hospital! :(

Apparently it wasn’t a big one, but still…its pretty scary!

I may be slightly overthinking this whole blanket idea, but I am having doubts about the whole “field of daisies” idea.
It occured to me in bed just last night – we have a saying here about dying – “pushing up daisies” (the whole being buried thing) and having a blanket which looks like a field of daisies for an older lady who has had a stroke and now also a heart attack… Ummm, not so sure!

But, I don’t have time to start this all over again, her birthday is in less than 2 weeks and I need to make it and have time for it to get delivered down to where she is… so I am thinking of spacing out the daisies with some stripes or something… and making it more a “spring blanket”

Here is what I have so far:

16 daisy granny squares. 8 with the lighter green and 8 with the darker.
Ends still need tightened/sewn in of course, but I really hate doing that so it gets left to the end when I will have to do it
(confession – the ends on my own blanket and both of my daughters blankets still need done, lol)


I am thinking of joining them in rows and then putting a few extra rows of granny type stitch in between each rown of daisies.
Then of course I need to border the whole thing.
Should have started earlier!!!

Also this week a few more things are happening – home improvements (finally!)
I am having gas central heating installed (currently have old electric storage heaters) – very excited about this.
The pipes have already been laid under the garden but some workmen are coming on Thursday to install my gas meter.
On Wednesday, I have workers coming to install loft insulation (been waiting since last August for this!!)
Then next Tuesday (6th), a workman (or 2?) will be coming to lift carpets for access to fitting pipes etc….then on Wedneday (7th) is central heating installation day!  Apparently it will all be completed in that one day…I dunno how that is even possible, but I guess they are the experts! They will get here at 8am and be done by 5pm they say. Pretty neat!

Not entirely sure what I will do with my daughters at 8am until they have to go into school at 9am, but I guess I will figure something out.  Then I think I am going to go sit somewhere and read for the day – if its nice, maybe the park… but its probably going to be nasty weather (its Scotland after all!) so I will probably end up in the local Wetherspoons with my kindle or my crochet looking like a mad woman :D  I just want to stay out of the workers way and let them get on with it.  Hopefully they are trustworthy… not that I have anything worth taking to be honest…

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