Fitbit trainer, take 2, weeks 6&7



So, its been 2 weeks since I posted my fitbit stats, I haven’t been doing great with it to be honest.
Its so hard to get out for a decent walk when my kids complain about even going to the grocery store (a 7 min walk!!)
Week 6 was on target…just.
I have been pretty stressed out with Triage (the work program)
For some reason, as soon as the school holidays hit, they are on my back more times per week than during term time.  Seems like its done on purpose to me!!!
Week 6 (Sun 6th to Sat 12th) they phoned me and expected me to go down that day to fill in a paper application form and personality quiz thing for a temporary 16wk position (to cover sickness) – then if I passed the personality section they expected me to go down the next morning to fill in the SAME INFORMATION onto the online application.  Double the work!!
I went down to do the paper form, but in order to do so I had to get my ex to watch the kids (they won’t let me take them with me because of the “type of customer” they deal with) He wasn’t happy about it, he had other plans. But he did it.
When she phoned to tell me I had passed the personality quiz and could I come to do the computer version (the next day) I told her – Nope, not possible.  There is no one available to take my kids today (my parents, brother and my ex all work, I have no real friends just “people I know”) I said I could go down, collect the form and transfer the information at home using my own computer, but that didn’t seem to be acceptable.  She said that she would enter my information for me since it was just copying what I had already written on the paper form.  I said that would be great and thanked her.  She said I should hear from them “early next week” about an interview (which would have meant Mon 14th – Wed 16th ish)  Its now Sun 20th – Not heard back about it at all.  Yet more triage fun in week 7….



Week 7, As you can see in the charts above, week 7 was a fail!
I didn’t even do any of my fasts this week – didn’t even try.
I was expecting to hear about an interview – and I knew that I didn’t want to attend an interview during a fast….plus its that TTOM, and I was just plain HUNGRY. lol.
Tuesday, I had to sign on, thats always fun…NOT.
Don’t know why I bother to do my searches, logs etc… they don’t bother to check.
All the job points have been removed from my job centre, replaced with 2 computers. You can’t just nip on and look though – you have to speak to one of the security guards, who then has to go get a special folder and note down details from you – one of which was NI number.  Just glad I have a computer of my own.
Went grocery shopping after – daughters were with me.  We had the £10 voucher from collecting vouchers the previous 2 weeks (Morrisons) so that was a little help.  Ended up getting some school stuff for the girls – a dress each (£5 each), pack of 2 polo shirts each (£3 per pack) and a pack of undies each (think they were £2.50?) Still got a bit to get – shoes, coats, new bags because they have holes in their current ones… probably some more that I am forgetting at the moment.

Wednesday – Triage phoned (urgh) – said I had to go down that afternoon to fill in a vetting form for a cleaners job with the police.  Also I had to be available to go to Dundee (city 20 or so miles away) the next day to talk to someone there about it.

I was confused, I had not applied for any cleaning positions with the police.

I know she sometimes puts me forward for jobs though, so I agreed to go down that afternoon.

My mum came to look after the kids, I was stressed – always am before signing on or triage appointments, and she drove me down there to the centre.  Dropped me off and drove away, I went in.
Soon as I went in I asked for more information about the position as I couldn’t remember it, she just kept saying “remember I put you forward for it” Umm…no thats why I am asking about it…..
She then proceeds to say “You can get to the police station by 6am right?”
Yup folks, 6am start….how am I supposed to do that with 2 children as a single parent???
I told her no, not possible and I would never have agreed to be put forward for a position that involved those hours (I have agreed restricted availability on my jobseeker agreement due to having children under 12) She “swears” she told me the hours on the phone (she didn’t) – if she had I would have told her that wasn’t possible on the phone and not inconvenienced my mum!!!
So, the triage visit that I had worried myself about all day took 2 minutes. My mum wasn’t happy.

Friday – had to attend triage again (the “normal” arranged weekly appointment) for a job search.  An hour sitting on a really slow computer doing exactly what I do from home every day.  So productive. My ex had the kids Thursday night so still had them at the time of my appointment so at least I didn’t have to worry about finding someone to have them this time.

Wow, this is a long post!
Oh dear, I do ramble on… congratulations and thank you if you have bothered to read this far! lol.

Almost done…
Weigh in’s
Wk6 13/07/14 – 107.6kg (- 0.3kg this week)
Wk7 20/07/14 – 108.0kg (+0.4kg this week)

Really need to get back into the 5:2 eating plan.  I really do think it helps me and many people on the facebook group have had great success with it.  I think it is something that can be done long term – maybe just as 6:1 once all the weight is lost though!

DD2 is now 9!

DD2 – my youngest little princess turned 9!

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

We didn’t do much, it was raining so we had a picnic of sorts indoors….


Cake ofc…


and she decided she wanted her ear’s pierced… so we did that too (on Thurs 17th July)
“Best present eva!” apparently. :)

(lol, just noticed she is actually wearing the same dress on the 17th to get her ears done as she wore on her birthday on the 8th! That wasn’t planned xD)



(Was late posting about this, post actually written on 20th July but re-dated to her actual birthday just for post neatness xD)

Giving the 5:2 eating plan a go – first week done.

2 “fast” days a week – keep calories to 500 since I am female.

First fast day was last Monday, after reading through the book on Sunday.
Didn’t go too badly – I did feel pretty hungry and I found myself thinking about food a lot. I got through about 2.5litres of plain water as well as a couple of cups of tea (not too many as I had to count the sugar and milk in my calories, lol) Snacked on carrot sticks, had an omelette made with 1 whole egg & 2 egg whites served with broccoli, and just had some boiled potato with paprika on it in the evening – sounds weird I know, but its nice…and it fitted in to the calories quite well :)
Made it through the day with a total of 513 calories (according to the fitbit food database)

Second fast day was Thursday… and it was worse!  I think it was my own fault though.  I didn’t consume anywhere near the same amount of water as I had on the first day.  I had also bought some diet coke – thinking the zero calorie fizz would fill me up.  I don’t think that worked to be honest, if anything the sweet ( but slightly weird) taste (even though its sweeteners, not sugar) made me feel more hungry. Not a huge fan of sweeteners anyway, and I won’t be drinking the rest of the bottle.

Food wise was perhaps a little better today though – We went shopping on Tuesday and I had made sure to buy some things that would be suitable for “fast” days.
I had some wafer thin ham with some cottage cheese, carrot sticks, cucumber & fresh apricots around lunch time and and omelette made with 1 whole egg, 2 egg whites, onion and some cottage cheese mixed in served with some lettuce and a small portion of boiled potato. Total for this fast day was 507 calories.

The plan says that if you restrict your calories for these 2 days then you can eat normally for the other 5 days and even have some treats. Apparently its really difficult to over consume enough to make up for the severe calorie restriction on those 2 fast days.

The book (and the horizon documentary) says that there are other health benefits to fasting in this way.  Something about a kind of re-boot to your immune system, and encouraging your body to repair.

I can’t really tell much from just 1 week on the plan, but I do seem to be less hungry on non-fast days. Although I didn’t really track calories on the non-fast days too well for the majority of the week (the plan says you don’t have to calorie count on non-fast days, just eat to satiety, not overstuffed etc)

I didn’t lose a huge amount of weight at the end of my first week only down 0.2kg from 108.1kg to 107.9kg.  Bit disappointing, but I didn’t do much exercise (didn’t make target for activity for week 5 of fitbit trainer) I also didn’t drink much water on any day except the first fast on Monday and perhaps the biggest thing – I forgot to take my thyroid medication for almost half of the week (missed 3 days!!)  Gonna keep trying though, only fail if I give up and all that! :D

Today (7th July) was my 1st fast of week 2 trying this eating plan.  It has been by far the worst of the 3.  I went over the 500 calories by a huge amount – almost double in fact… at 922.  Oh dear!  I have been so hungry today.  Its coming up to the TOTM, perhaps that is why.  I didn’t drink much water in the earlier part of the day – I had to wait in for a parcel to arrive… normally I would just miss it and go get it from the office the following day, but this parcel was for my daughter’s birthday… and it is tomorrow!!! So I had to wait for it.  It came around 12noon so I didn’t have much to drink all morning.  As soon as it came we had to go food shopping – so not fun when you are HUNGRY. lol!!
So not great, BUT 922 is a lot less that “normal day” eating and fitbit has my TDEE sitting around 2400 for today so its still a decent deficit I think. Just glad I am not trying to maintain this level of deficit on an everyday basis, so looking forward to my bed this evening!

Fitbit trainer, take 2, weeks 4 & 5.

Week 4 went ok, couple of “yellow bar” days – but still made target overall.  Look how close that Wednesday bar is!! lol.


Week 5, hmm not so great.
This was last week – otherwise known as the first week of the summer holidays.
Monday was my first “fast day” on this 5:2 eating plan I am trying out – it was hard, but I had a ton of water and managed it.
Tuesday, I had to sign on, then we went grocery shopping, so quite a bit of walking there. Not a huge fan of taking kids shopping though, its very stressful!
Thursday was my 2nd “fast day” – We didn’t go out anywhere, but yet I made my target just by doing housework and gardening. :)
Some green bars sneaking in, not proud of that… and I failed to meet the target for the week overall – my first yellow bar in the plan overview! Nooooooooo!


29/06/14 – 108.1kg (Oh dear!)
06/07/14 – 107.9kg

Had a bit of a problem with my scales – so not entirely sure how accurate they have been (although can we ever be really sure that home scales are accurate?)

This happened:



Its my 1st fast day of week 6 today – and I am so tired (just want to go to bed) that I sent DD1 up stairs with my phone to take this picture. #ohtheshame #lazybum

So, I treated myself to a new set!

These are cool, they can store up to 8 different family members weights.  They also have the option to hide the actual weight and just report the change inbetween weigh ins if ya don’t want to be remind of the actual weight.  It can also report the % change which is nice – since I seriously suck at maths. :D



Starving British children are looking for food in rubbish bins


I have started on the 5:2 eating plan this week, today is my 2nd “fast” day and I have some hunger pangs. They pale into insignificance upon reading this. Britain should not have children (or adults) going hungry, let alone to the extent that they have to look through bins for scraps. This hurts my heart. :(

Originally posted on Vox Political:

Who said it could never happen here? Children are starving on the streets of Britain as the Tory-led Coalition's hate policies bite ever-more-deeply into the poor [Image: Stoke Sentinel].

Who said it could never happen here? Children are starving on the streets of Britain as the Tory-led Coalition’s hate policies bite ever-more-deeply into the poor [Image: Stoke Sentinel].

British children are sifting through bins left outside houses in search of scraps of food because they are starving, it has been revealed.

But Tories and their supporters in rich London won’t have to look at them – because they are in Labour-held Stoke-on-Trent.

The Stoke Sentinel reported that “Youngsters have been searching through bins in the Hollings Street and Brocksford Street area of Fenton before eating any leftovers.”

It said, “Dozens of hungry families are referred to Fenton’s food bank for help every week.”

What’s really sad about this story is that some of the people interviewed seemed to think the problem was with the mess left behind by these children – youngsters who are, remember, so hungry that they…

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Fitbit trainer take 2, weeks 2 and 3 update (&weigh in)


Fitbit trainer take 2 week 2.


Fitbit trainer take 2 week 3.


Here are the stats for my latest 2 weeks on the fitbit trainer program, I am soooo tempted to adjust the targets slightly because I am reaching them with barely any “extra” effort outside of my daily chores/errands.

Also weigh in update for the past 2 weeks:
15/06/14 – 107.6kg
22/06/14 – 107.1kg

Still feeling kinda rough, my head feels like it is going to explode each time I bend down to do anything – even loading the washing machine.

I did force myself to go to the supermarket this morning when the kids went to school though…and I am quite proud of myself for managing to avoid the junk/un-healthy foods even though I hadn’t eaten breakfast yet!

I was also surprised at the price, it was cheaper than I expected! I guess I had a mental math fail while going around the store.
I bought mostly fruits and veggies – clementines, peaches, plums, a pineapple, some bananas, potatoes, tomatoes, a savoy cabbage, a cauliflower, pack of kiwi fruits, mushrooms, bag of carrots and a lettuce.
Few other odds and ends – milk, wraps, couple tins of baked beans, tomato ketchup and sunflower spread (eldest daughter doesn’t like butter) Oh, a a couple of 30 page drawing pads that were reduced to 28p – kids will be happy, they love drawing :)

My total was £15.21 (then i got a further £1.52 off because my mum works there so I get 10% discount) :)
I wasn’t expecting to get change from my £20 so it was a nice surprise :)

When I came home I made myself breakfast, it looks like pizza right?WP_20140623_002 It’s not though :)

It’s basically an omelette with a serving of salsa and a little cheese on top, served with broccoli.

Quick run down of what I used:
2 whole eggs (beaten)
1 egg white (beaten in with whole eggs)
60g onion (sliced)
5g butter
50g salsa
20g strong cheese (grated)
200g broccoli
1 garlic clove (chopped)

Quick method:
1) soften onion in the butter
2) Add the egg/egg white mixture
3) Keep on a lowish heat (I had mine on 2) until the bottom is set
4) I then put my pan under the grill bit in my oven to set the top. (I had it on half power so I didn’t burn it, it doesn’t take long so stay near!)
5) I then put the salsa and cheese on top and put it back under the grill just to melt the cheese a little.
6) I boiled the broccoli - actually overcooked it a little :( then sprinkled it with the chopped up garlic.

(My fitbit food log tells me this was 405 calories, 24g fat, 5.8g fibre, 22.3g carbs, 27.6grams protein.)

Rough couple of weeks

I have had a really bad couple of weeks and it has sucked!

(TMI warning)
Its been that time of the month and I have had the worst bloating, cramps and tiredness I have had for a long time.  I ended up eating poorly and also triggering digestive problems (doctors said I have IBS a few years ago, but I think that’s just because tests didn’t show anything wrong and they wanted to diagnose something) Been suffering with acid reflux which in turn has lead to nausea. The nausea and the acid reflux seemed to be helped by eating… so I did.  Not all of it healthy, but not all of it terrible either.  There were 2 takeaways during the last 2 weeks.  I would rather have this down to no more than once a month really though – both for health and finance!

Lots of bread, crisps and I also have been drinking soda again (probably contributing the the acid reflux issue!)  Its a vicious circle in a way – feel like crap so these junk calories are easy for a burst of energy… not good for the long term though.  Sugar crashes are no fun.

Also during this time I had a water leak – whole wall damp and moldy and it even soaked through to my daughters bedroom too – plumber came and fixed it after a 5 day wait and it seems to have dried out now.

I missed my weigh in post for last Sunday.  I gained weight – Scales said 107.6kg
I was not pleased. I have been sticking to my fitbit trainer targets though and I am considering messing with the targets… I said I wouldn’t, but it really is seeming too easy right now, I am hitting target most days with nothing more than a stroll down town and back. :/

I will post last weeks fitbit trainer pics this Sunday along with the current weeks pics (weeks 2 & 3)

Even yesterday, things were going badly – my ex borrowed my petrol lawnmower and put 2 stroke oil in with the petrol (it doesn’t need it) so it isn’t working at the moment.  I had to go to triage (this happens every week but it still sucks :P ) Then my dad came over to trim my hedge – because my next door neighbour had told my mother than it needed done because she is getting a dog (not quite sure of the connection between hedge and dog) which annoyed me – why didn’t my neighbour tell ME instead of my mother who lives over the other side of the town.  Baffled.
But anyways, my dad starts trimming the hedge and I get my gloves on to help pick up the trimmings – I get stabbed by a thorn through the glove – it still hurts now, lol.  Then I stepped on a rusty nail!! (some wood in my garden from the loft – that we had to clear out for insulation – that the previous tenant left)  Thankfully, it didn’t get through the whole thickness of my shoe :D

To top it all off, I wake up this morning with a cold.  Runny nose, sneezes and that kinda fluffy head feeling… which may go someways to explaining why I have just rambled on so much… :)


Fitbit trainer, take 2, end of week 1& new crochet blanket

I meant to post this yesterday, since my new week (for fitbit trainer purposes) starts on a Sunday… but I forgot. Hehe.


Ok, so my first week of this 2nd try at the trainer program provided by my fitbit premium membership looks pretty good right?

I made target 4 days out of 7, almost 5…look how close that Friday is!
I got my smiley face and of course my week 1 pink bar for the plan overview… yay!

I am pleased with that. BUT… this time around my calorie targets are a lot lower than the first time around! So I bloomin well should be meeting it!
(fitbit trainer take 1, week 1 target was 927 calories daily, fitbit trainer take 2, week 1 target was only 710 calories daily) 

I am not going to mess around with these numbers though, I am just gonna trust it and go with what it suggests.  I assume it is basing its calculations and targets on my activity level from the week before (which was fitbit trainer take 1, week 12) where I only reached 55% of that weeks daily target, so its hardly surprising these targets are lower.

While I am mentioning my first go at this trainer program, they do provide a nice summary of the whole 12 weeks at the end.  Clearly shows that I am just not active enough to get my weight down (I kinda knew that already, I am not a sporty type at all)

It wasn’t easy starting a new plan the day my Grandma passed away, and honestly my food has been not great all week… Scales were relatively kind to me when I stepped on them yesterday morning though – 106.8kg. :)

Finished my c2c (corner to corner) crochet blanket! Well, apart from sewing in all the ends of course – worst bit!!!  This one is going to sit in my living room – need some colour in here!


She’s gone


me as a toddler with my Gramsie. Don’t have date, but I am 34 now and I am maybe 2 or 3 here?  So 30+ years ago x


Little Granny (1920-2010 r.i.p), Gramsie (1930-2014 r.i.p), Me, Mum & Baby DD1. (August 2003, just after I had given birth to DD1) x

Gramsie passed away during the night of 31st May to 1st of June, peacefully in her sleep from what I know at this time.

Survived a stroke last June which left her paralyzed, and a heart attack about 5 weeks ago, I am thankful she had a peaceful passing.

Heartbroken at the loss of a lovely grandmother, I have many memories that will be treasured. She will be sorely missed.

She has passed on to me the love of yarn – although she was more of a knitter, and taught me to knit as a child, and I prefer crochet.  She has also passed on to me a love of polo mints (she replaced smoking with polo mints many years ago) and collectible thimbles – I am honoured to have received her personal collection of thimbles last year when she moved to a smaller home (to be nearer to family for care purposes etc)

r.i.p Gramsie x